How to Start

Upon entering you will be presented with the home page containing the “Play Now” button amongst other options as displayed in the following illustration:

To start playing click the button labled “Play Now” located in the center of the home page, as shown above.

The following table describes the various menu options:

About Us Fair Play Promotions VIP Banking Contact Help Privacy Policy User Agreement Responsible gaming Affiliates Media PR & Promotions Site map

Home Click to return to homepage.
About Us Information about the company.
Fair Play Our commitment to our players.
Promotions Promotions and bonus plans we offer our clients.
VIP Details of VIP Players club.
Banking Information on depositing and withdrawing funds.
Contact Methods of contacting our representatives.
Help Information provided to contribute to your understanding of the site.
Privacy Policy Methods we use to protect your personal and private information.
User Agreement Rules and regulations of interacting with
Responsible gaming How we can help you to gamble responsibly.
Affiliates How to become our partner.
Media PR & Promotions How to contact our advertising and PR department.
Site map The site map of our website.