Lucky 7 Slot

Lucky 7 Slot:

With its bright colors and traditional symbols, you know exactly where you are with ‘Lucky 7 Slot’; when this game’s classic sounds reach your ear, you’ll feel like you’re in an ACTUAL casino, and that means it’s time to sit back, relax and above all else, WIN!   

How to play Lucky 7 Slot:

·Choose the coin value.

·Click on the ‘Play Now’ button to spin the reels.

When you make a winning combination of three matching symbols, your winnings are immediately added to your Total Win and your Balance.  The Red Cherry pays out as a symbol alone or when it is matched identically two or three times.  Identical combinations of three of any of the other symbols pay out even more.

· Your Cash Prize will be shown on the Total Win button on the screen.

Buttons and features overview:

• Total Bet - The total amount which is going to be played this round. This represents the number of coins multiplied by the coin value.

• Bet - Choose how much you want each coin to be worth in this spin, the maximum is $20.

• Coins – Choose how many coins you want to bet, there is a maximum of three.

• Press the ‘Play Now’ button to commence a game.

• Total Win - Shows the amount won in each play.

 To discover the prize amounts please go to the ‘Pay Table’ for a full review of winning combinations.