Zodiac Scratch 

Match loveable star signs to grab a big payout in phenomenal game. Play Zodiac  - your future could depend on it

How to play the Zodiac game:

Choose the bet value - bet  $0.5 - $20

Click on the (Play Now) button and watch the zodiac stars spin

Click "play for me" to reveal what lies behind the 6 revolving stars

or click on each star to reveal the star signs  ( in the mobile verison you can tap the screen over each star to reveal the different stars.)

If there are three similar star signs behind the revolving stars the amount you have won will appear in the "Prize" box. This will illuminate and connect through lightning so you know when you have won .

The relevant  prize will be added to your account balance.


Buttons and features overview:

Upper row from left to right:

settings button - this takes you to the menu where you can switch between real and fun mode, make deposits, cashout or logout.

Total win - Shows the amount won in each play.

home button - takes you back to the games menu 

Bottom row from left to right:

Cashier Button -This button redirects the player to the “deposit” page of the cashier.

Real balance - your current account balance

Play now button  This button is either a play now or play for me  

Play now - Press the "Play now" button to commence a game.

Play again - Press "Play again" to continue playing this game You are buying a new card to play this game again with the same settings.

Play for me - After you have chosen the bet value, the "play for me" option will enable the automated system to reveal the card for you 

Turbo - Reveals all the symbols at once 

Total bet - Your bet amount - either $0.5, 1, 2,5 or 10. 

Big Win  -  In case of a winning of x20 or more, the game presents a BIG WIN animation on top of the game.

Mega Win  - In case of a winning of x100 or more, the game presents a MEGA WIN animation on top of the game.