Farm Scratch

Really scratch off from a choice of 5 farm backgrounds in this new interactive mobile scratch game. Stop clicking and start scratching again as you play from your mobile phone. Scratch all boxes to discover any three identical cash prizes and win up to £/€/$200,000

How to play Farm Scratch:

Choose the card value.

Choose the number of cards you want to play.

Click on the (Play Now) button.

Scratch the card/s you choose to play.

If you expose three identical cash prizes, you win. The relevant game prize will be added to your account balance.

You can choose the (Reveal card ) button if you want the random automated system to play for you.

Buttons and features overview:



1. Upper row from left to right:

Total bet - The total amount which is going to be played this round. This represents the number of cards multiplied by the card value.

Number of cards - Choose the number of cards you want to bet on - increments of one.

Card value - This enables you to choose the value of the card you want to bet by pressing the "+" sign to increase and the "-" sign to decrease the value. Maximum card value £/€/$ 20.

Top prize - The card value you choose reflects your possible winnings - the Top prize.

Play now - Press the "Play now" button to commence a game.

Play again - Press "Play again" to continue playing this game. You are buying a new card to play this game again with the same settings.

Turbo- Speeds your game up

Play Max - Press the "Play Max" button to commence a game using the maximum number of cards allowed for this game.

Autoplay - Press the "Auto" button to let the automated system play for you as many games as you wish, see detailed information below.

Total win - Shows the amount won in each play.

To view the prizes and odds