Mr & Mrs Scratch

Mr & Mrs Scratch/Game Instructions

Join Mr and Mrs Scratch in their hunt for fortune!  Select from 1 - 4 scratch cards then scratch all the boxes to uncover three identical symbols and win up to £/€/$ 20,000.  

 How to play Mr & Mrs Scratch:

·         Select the card value (£/€/$0.5 to £/€/$10).

·         Select the number of scratch cards (1 – 4).

·         Click on the ‘Play Now’ button.

·         Scratch the 9 squares on each card to reveal the symbols.

·         If you reveal 3 identical symbols, you’ve won!  The amount won is beneath the scratch box below the nine scratched squares, where it says ‘Prize’.

·         The amount won appears in the ‘Total Win’ box on the bottom right side of the screen.

·         The relevant game prize will be added to your account balance on the bottom left of the screen, underneath ‘Cashier’.

·         You can choose the ‘Play For Me’ button if you want the random automated system to play for you.

Buttons and features overview:

Upper row from left to right:

·         ‘Total Bet’ - the total amount that’s going to be played this round; this is calculated by multiplying the number of cards played by the card’s value:

For example; number of cards = 2, card value = 2.

2 x 2 = 4

Total Bet = 4.

·         ‘Number of Cards’ - choose the number of cards you wish to bet on, in increments of 1.

·         ‘Card Value’ - this enables you to choose the value of the card you want to bet on by pressing the "+" sign to increase and the "-" sign to decrease the value. Maximum card value £/€/$ 20.

·         ‘Top Prize’ - the card value you choose reflects your potential winnings i.e. value of ‘Top prize’:

For example; if your card value is £/€/$2 per card, then you can win more than if it is £/€/$1.

·         ‘Play Now’ - press the green ‘Play Now’ button to start a game.

·         ‘Play Again’ - press the green ‘Play Again’ button to continue playing the game; you’re buying a new card to play this game again with the exact same settings.

·         ‘Auto’ - press the green ‘Auto’ button to let the automated system play for you in the exact same settings, and choose the number of games you want to play, ranging from 10 - 500.  Please note that ‘Autoplay’ can be stopped at any point.

·         ‘Play Max’ - press the orange ‘Play Max’ button to commence a game using the maximum number of cards allowed for this game, which is 4.

·         ‘Total Win’ - it displays the amount won in each play.

·         ‘Turbo’ - pressing ‘Turbo’ will make the round go quicker.

·         ‘Big Win’- a pop up will appear to signify a big win which is 10 times the bet 

·       '‘Mega Win’- a pop up will appear to signify a big win which is 100 times the bet.

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