Super stars


Choose from 6 fantasy sport backgrounds in this spectacular scratch card game.  To the left of the “Prize” button you can trade the background for your sports scratch card. Be a tennis, football, rugby, basketball and baseball champion ALL on the same day.  Scratch to discover any three sports symbols  and win upto 200,000 EUR/USD/GBP..   

How to Play? 

• Choose the card value by going to ‘Total bet’ and selecting the value of your scratch card. You are able to choose the value of the card you want to bet by selecting one of the amount options.

·  Click on the ‘Play Now’ button.

· Scratch the card.

· If you reveal three identical symbols , you win. 

· The amount won appears in the ‘Prize’box 

· The relevant prize will be added to your Real Balance.

· You can choose the ’Scratch All’  button, to reveal the entire scratch card at once.

· If you want the random automated system to play for you switch to ‘TURBO’ mode to scratch all at once. 

 Buttons and features overview:

· Total bet - The total amount which is going to be played this round. This represents the card value.

· Play now - Press the ‘Play now’ button to commence a game.

· Reveal Card’ - Press the ‘Reveal Card’ button to let the automated system play for you . 

· Turbo- Speeds your game up

· Prize - Shows the amount won in each play.

· Real Balance – The available funds in your player account

· Prizes and Odds