Tiki Beach

Tiki Beach / Game Instructions

Tiki Beach is a fantastic pull-tab game!  Select from 1 - 4 tabs then pull the tabs to uncover three identical symbols and win cash prizes.

 How to play Tiki Beach:

· Select the pull-tab value: £/€/$0.5 to £/€/$10.  Select the number of pull-tabs (1 – 4).

· Click on the ‘Play Now’ button.

· Pull the tabs to reveal the symbols - if you find 3 identical symbols, you’ve won!

· The amount won appears in the ‘Total Win’ box on the bottom right side of the screen.

· The relevant game prize will be added to your account balance on the bottom left of the screen, underneath ‘Cashier’.

Buttons and features overview:

 · ‘Total Bet’ –  the total amount that’s going to be played this round; this is calculated by multiplying the number of cards played by the card’s value:

For example; number of cards = 2, card value = 2.

2 x 2 = 4

Total Bet = 4

· ‘Cards’ - choose the number of cards you wish to bet on, in increments of 1.

· ‘Play Now’ – press the orange ‘Play Now’ button to start a game. 

· ‘Turbo’ – pressing ‘Turbo’ will make the round go quicker.

· ‘Play Max’- press the blue ‘Play Max’ button to commence a game using the maximum number of tabs allowed for this game, which is 4.

Big Win - When this appears, it signifies that you've won 20 times  more than your original bet. 

Mega Win - When this appears, it signifies that you've won 100 times  more than your original bet. 

· ‘Total Win’ - it displays the amount won in each play.

· ‘Paytable’ appears on the right of the screen.  It changes in accordance to the size of your bet.

Prizes and Odds