Create Account to Play for Real Money

After clicking the Create account button, you will be forwarded directly to the registration form:

Enter the required information as described below. The personal information is required to verify you are eligible to play at, you are over 18 years old and you do not violate the jurisdiction of the country you live in (some countries prohibit online gambling).

Last Name Your last name (at least 2 characters)
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Country Select country of residence from the drop-down menu. See here if you are denied registry due to the country from which you are connected (regardless of the country entered in this field).
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Terms and Conditions By checking the box you are confirming that you understand and agree with the terms and conditions.

Note: If you decide not to register at this point, you can do so by closing the dialog box (simply click on the [x] button on the top right corner of the dialog). A new message box will open with the title “Real Money Registration Aborted” and you will be presented with your account details as displayed below:

Click on OK to be transferred to the Lobby where you can continue playing for fun.
See Q&A in the event registration was unsuccessful.